Reality TV Show Advertising

ITZ coined this phrase in 2006, your brand, your story, your success. This model has been successful for the last 15 years and is the most memorable, unique and profitable way to brand your business or service. Let ITZ create a reality TV show based around your business and staff. “Duck Dynasty” receives 400 million dollars a year in merchandising alone, Bethany Frankel an unemployed housewife was cast on a reality TV show “Housewives of NY” and sold her “Skinny Girl” liquor line for 120 million dollars, The “Cupcake Boss” grew his business over 1,000 percent as a result of a hit reality TV show. ITZ will enhance your brand and help increase your profits.

The president of the United States built his brand on a Reality TV Show; “The Apprentice” Reality TV show advertising is the way of the future. “Duck Dynasty” does 400 million dollars in merchandising alone. The “Cupcake Boss” grew his brand 1,000 percent. Since the public is so used to watching reality TV shows than what better way to create and build a brand than with reality TV show advertising?  Chuck and his team have been building brands through reality TV shows since 2006. Call today for more information:  917 375 6527

“When we used Chuck and his team for our own reality TV show we doubled the sales of other car dealers in our market and got tons of free press”

John Marazzi

Owner, Naples Nissan

“More people wanted to do business with me, list their house with me, buy from me, invest in me because I was on a real estate Reality TV show”

Barry Jones

Real Estate Agent, Barry Jones Realty